October 2015, In My Reading Log


I pulled André Alexis' Despair and Other Stories of Ottawa (1994) off my shelf when Fifteen Dogs was nominated for the Toronto Book Award (since then, FD has also been nominated for the Giller Prize and the Rogers' Writers' Trust Fiction Award). There aren't any notable four-legged characters, but the collection is fascinating.

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Fourth Window in Winter: Recreational


Adam Gopnik's notes for this lecture/chapter read like this: "Chance to talk at length about ice hockey." If the idea doesn't thrill you, don't let it put you off the book entirely. The rest of that page and the next is about the Russian troika "racing through the snowy wastes".

Fourth Window in Winter: Recreational2014-03-15T17:42:47-05:00

Unwritten: The Antagonist


Lynn Coady's The Antagonist House of Anansi, 2011 The protagonist in The Antagonist is Rank. Actually, Gordon Rankin. But he's insisted, since he was twelve years old, that his friends call him Rank. Now it occurs to him that he's been instructing people to call him stinky, but that's not

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Canada Reads: Jeff Lemire


Jeff Lemire’s Essex County (Collected) Top Shelf Productions, 2010 Here’s what I scribbled in my notebook when I finished reading Tales From the Farm in 2008: The first in Jeff Lemire’s Essex County trilogy feels in some ways like the antithesis to [Craig Thompson’s] Blankets – a very slim volume, with

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