Something for Every Summer Reading Mood (including the new Katrina Onstad)


I’m even more likely to pick up dark and disturbing stories when the sun is beating down. This stems to my “discovery” of Stephen King in a teenaged summer, beginning with Night Shift and Skeleton Crew. There I was: lying on my back in the grass behind the rented

Something for Every Summer Reading Mood (including the new Katrina Onstad)2020-07-09T13:59:58-05:00

Amanda Leduc’s The Miracles of Ordinary Men (2013)


When the angels invaded the plotline of "Supernatural", I stopped watching weekly. I prefer stone rabbits and hedgehogs in my flowerbeds, over white winged statues. And when a girlfriend told me that the child she lost at full-term is an angel now, I struggled to keep my face expressionless, silently repeating

Amanda Leduc’s The Miracles of Ordinary Men (2013)2014-07-11T16:38:15-05:00

Survived: Alix Ohlin’s Inside


What happens inside, behind closed doors, in private moments, and in minds and hearts: that's the stuff of Alix Ohlin's novel. House of Anansi, 2012 "'He wouldn’t let me in,' she said, 'and I refused to stay out.'" Mitch's mother says that of his father. She is not

Survived: Alix Ohlin’s Inside2020-09-16T16:00:32-05:00

Seeding: The Beggar’s Garden (2011)


Michael Christie's The Beggar's Garden Harper-Collins, 2011 Although the title for Michael Christie's story collection is drawn from the final story, it might well have been pulled from the second story's title, "Discard". It's at the heart of this debut collection: that which has been left behind, tossed out, put

Seeding: The Beggar’s Garden (2011)2014-03-15T16:09:48-05:00
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