Mavis Gallant’s “Poor Franzi”


At one table, we have the Wrights, on the crowded hotel terrace, with the Austrian mountains playing picture-postcard for the family, who has journeyed from Baltimore. They're a cranky lot, with daughters Coralie and Joan having had a different set of expectations for their travels, which neither their mother nor

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June 2015, In My Stacks


My progress through Gabrielle Roy's works has been slow but steady, and this month I requested one of the children's books, which I held out for myself as a reward for finishing six of her novels. My treat was to be Cliptail, but the only copy available in the public

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Talking Time: Life after Life, The Luminaries


Random House, 2013 The slippery question of time is often posed on the page. And with books, it’s different. In music, listeners are engaged at a pace dictated by the composer’s notation, beats counted as the bars pass, the audience arriving synchronously at the end of the piece.

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Anne Enright’s The Forgotten Waltz (2011)


If only the word 'waltz' appeared like a stain on the sheets -- this would be the perfect cover image. For now, Gina Moynihan stands back and looks at the bed that she and Seán Vallely shared, and it's a messy sight. Messy, but still fresh: you can see the indents

Anne Enright’s The Forgotten Waltz (2011)2020-07-30T14:25:24-05:00
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