Giles Blunt’s By the Time You Read This (2006)


Giles Blunt’s By the Time You Read This Random House, 2006 John Cardinal and Lise Delorme #4 Although I read the third book in the Algonquin Bay series decidedly out of Blackfly Season, I chose the perfect time of year to read the fourth. The beautifully hued leaf on the cover gives

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Myla Goldberg’s Wickett’s Remedy (2010)


Myla Goldberg's Wickett's Remedy Bond Street-Random House (2005) Myla Goldberg's Bee Season turned me into a total book-nag; I nagged every reader I knew about reading it when I had finished it myself. I loved everything about it, from the first page to the back cover, with the author's black-'n'-white-striped

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Louise Doughty’s A Novel in a Year (2007)


Louise Doughty’s A Novel in a Year (2007) Pocket Books - Simon & Schuster 2008 Feeling indecisive about where to jump in with Louise Doughty's fiction (news about her appearance at the festival this year brought her work to my attention), I gravitated towards her one non-fiction book. If you're

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Too many good books in a row?


Kate Pullinger's Weird Sister (1999) McArthur & Company, 2000 I've had this book on my shelves for ages. Which I feel doubly guilty about because it was a gift from a bookish friend. But not a gift of a book she especially loved, but one that she hadn't read; she

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Louise Penny’s Still Life (2005)


Louise Penny's Still Life Headline, 2005 Some of you might recall my eye-rolling, woulda-been-snarky-if-I-wasn't-so-darned-Canadian letter to The Public Library late-spring this year. I offer this post to balance the scales, for there is another staff member there whom I actually look forward to seeing behind the counter. She started a conversation

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