August 2019, In My Stacks


Earlier this summer, in June, I maxed out my library card. The box which usually holds my borrowed books was so full that it was bookish-Jenga to remove one (and forget trying to add one). A neighbouring table was also commandeered. Even, for a time, the floor space between

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June 2019, In My Stacks


In which I stack equal numbers of books into piles and hope that nobody notices that I have maxed out the loans on my library card. But, I hasten to add, I am still reading from my own shelves too. Anyway, all of these are long-time shelf-sitters or TBR-list

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April 2019, In My Stacks


The past three months, I've gradually been shifting the volume in my stacks so that half of my reading is drawn from my own shelves, but I'm still borrowing lots of good books from the library. April is already a terrific reading month! The Everyman's anniversary edition of Ralph Ellison's

April 2019, In My Stacks2020-03-31T11:39:18-05:00

February 2019, In My Stacks


Last year, February’s tally suggested it was one of my busiest reading months. Which I chalk up to January being over-stuffed with reading ambitions, which overflowed into the following month. This year, that feels true once more. With the exception of L’Arabe du futur, a graphic memoir scooped up randomly

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Summer 2018, In My Stacks


Mid-year I tidy up the stack (down to a single book) and then begin anew, sometimes adding in some resolutions and other times relaxing (or setting aside) reading plans which seemed exciting and possible just a few months ago. This year, more than ever, I look to my

Summer 2018, In My Stacks2018-07-25T14:31:57-05:00
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