Catherine Cooper’s White Elephant (2016)


A white elephant was historically bestowed as a burden which had the outward appearance of a gift; a courtier charged with its care and upkeep would have a beautiful creature to display, but the weight of the responsibility undeniable. Freehand Books, 2016 In Catherine Cooper's debut novel, the question

Catherine Cooper’s White Elephant (2016)2016-06-16T19:41:15-05:00

‘Tis the Season…for Mosquitoes


So, it's past the middle of November, so I'm surprised to find myself surrounded by so many mosquitoes. First in the fifth volume of Laura Ingalls Wilder's series, On the Shores of Silver Lake. Living so close to the land, the other residents are regularly brushing elbows (and paws and wings

‘Tis the Season…for Mosquitoes2015-11-26T14:38:02-05:00

Summer Reading To-Do List for Sunny Days (1 of 4)


Such good reading this summer, so far. In other respects, perhaps mine has not been the most productive summer. But it all depends what one puts on a to-do list, doesn't it! What if your to-do list was all about the books in your stacks? Doubleday Canada - Penguin Random

Summer Reading To-Do List for Sunny Days (1 of 4)2020-03-31T12:17:26-05:00

Growing Pumpkins for Big City Bees


The story begins in spring, with the trees greening, but the talk is all of pumpkins. It's too soon to plant pumpkins, Grandpa says, because they need real heat. "And bees. Pumpkins need bees." For many young readers, this will be new -- and startling -- information. "We'll

Growing Pumpkins for Big City Bees2014-03-18T11:56:16-05:00

Jane Urquhart’s Sanctuary Line (2010)


Jane Urquhart's Sanctuary Line McClelland & Stewart, 2010 Liz Crane is an entomologist; she studies insects. Specifically butterflies – monarchs. But, more generally, she takes time to examine what others frequently overlook. As a narrator, therefore, her perspective will not be to every reader’s taste. She has also suffered a

Jane Urquhart’s Sanctuary Line (2010)2014-03-13T21:09:51-05:00
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