Quarterly Stories: Autumn 2014


“Bad coffee can only keep you company for so long at four a.m. in a bus depot.” Caitlin Press, 2014 All of the characters in Janine Alyson Young’s debut collection seem as though they would immediately recognize the truth of that. They all seem to have a spot

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People Park: Citizens and Readers


The cover of People Park invites readers to take a walk in another's shoes. See? They're actually right there: the shoes, on the cover, with their laces still tied. But it's not going to be easy to wedge your feet in, not like that. You will have to do

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Griffin & Sabine: Lovely Letters


If you have a thing for epistolary tales, you probably already know and love this series; but, if you don't, you will want to. Start with the first volume, Griffin & Sabine, which introduces our hero and heroine via postcard. The postcards are one of the most beautiful aspects of

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