Re-reading Emily: L.M. Montgomery, Again


Exploring a coffee shop near Riverdale Park last week, I started a conversation with a young woman reading at the communal table in the back, while I waited for Mr. BIP who was waiting for the coffees (he was enjoying the view across the park and greeting the four-legged companions

Re-reading Emily: L.M. Montgomery, Again2017-07-24T18:42:46-05:00

Who Doesn’t Love Anne?


If you’ve read all your Anne books until their pages have loosened from their spines, Second Story Press has the answer: two Anne-ish books in their Gutsy Girls series. Caroline Stellings’ The Contest Second Story Press, 2010 For Avonlea-ish-ness, The Contest is delightful. Although Hamilton, Ontario is a long way

Who Doesn’t Love Anne?2014-03-11T20:33:22-05:00

Irresistible – The Heroine’s Bookshelf


Erin Blakemore's The Heroine's Bookshelf HarperCollins, 2010 Have a favourite book that you tend to revisit when times get tough? Or maybe at just any ol' time that you find yourself missing the characters therein? Perhaps you have a fondness for Jane Eyre, or you can't help but re-read Little Women over

Irresistible – The Heroine’s Bookshelf2014-03-10T19:38:02-05:00

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Birthday


Lucy Maud Montgomery's Birthday November 30, 1874 - April 24, 1942 To mark her birthday, here is a quote from Mary Henley Rubio's Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Gift of Wings (TO: Doubleday - Random House, 2008): 181-2. It's a long quote, but a book-soaked one; I've broken the paragraph so that

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Birthday2014-03-09T19:54:09-05:00

My favourite island


Elizabeth Waterston's The Magic Island Oxford University Press, 2008 I've been reading this book for months. You could actually say 'years'. Which is pretty funny actually because I bought it immediately upon 2008. But its format got me hooked in a rather unusual way and in some ways I

My favourite island2014-03-09T13:36:55-05:00
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