Winter Child and Firewater: A Perfect Pairing


Each of these books is penned by an indigenous writer, each considers a great loss, each is powerful on its own terms. Together their stories resonate and amplify readers' understanding of a vitally important issue. Virginia Pésémapéo Bordeleau's novel Winter Child appears to be the simpler tale. One woman's

Winter Child and Firewater: A Perfect Pairing2019-05-11T19:52:22-05:00

Inspiring: Until We Are Free


Shirin Ebadi's Until We Are Free: My Fight for Human Rights in Iran landed on my stack thanks to Ali's description of hearing her speak and reading the book. Ebadi's tone is resolved and declarative. This, her third book, chronicles her experiences in the years surrounding Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's leadership

Inspiring: Until We Are Free2017-09-13T10:32:45-05:00

TGIF: In the workplace, on the page (1 of 4)


A new Friday fugue, running through this month, considering the ways in which our working lives appear on the pages of novels and short stories. Some of my favourite novels spend a good amount of time considering the good amount of time that we spend in our workplaces. Joshua Ferris'

TGIF: In the workplace, on the page (1 of 4)2015-06-25T13:31:37-05:00
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