Partitions: Neverhome (2014) and Between Clay and Dust (2012)


Neverhome is set in the years of the American Civil War and narrated by a fledgling letter-writer. She has survived the conflict and adopted this strange chore of authoring. Little, Brown and Company, 2014 "When I’d eaten up my given share of a day I’d take up my pen

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MREs: Must-Read-Everything Authors


I've been collecting authors for so many years. Authors whose oeuvres I am determined to read. It's a never-ending reading list . At the end of last year, I noticed that I was adding to the list at a phenomenal rate and not moving as quickly with my reading. So

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Reading Nu Nu Yi


Nu Nu Yi's Smile as They Bow Translated from the Burmese by Alfred Birnbaum and Thi Thi Aye Hyperion Books, 2008 Reading this felt, for me, a little like reading a Katherine Mansfield short story. You know, the way that you slip in and out of the world she creates

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