Margaret Laurence’s The Olden Days Coat (1979)


Margaret Laurence's The Olden Days Coat (1979) Illus. Muriel Wood Tundra Books, 1998 Every time I read this book I think "surely this time I won't cry", but I always do. And it's not because this is a sad story, but there is something so overwhelmingly touching about it, that

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“The Stone Angel” (2007) Dir. Kari Skogland


"The Stone Angel" (2007) Dir. Kari Skogland Writers: Margaret Laurence (novel), Kari Skogland (screenplay) As in "Rachel, Rachel", the film version of Margaret Laurence's novel A Jest of God, the emphasis in the film "The Stone Angel" is on the story's romantic relationship. And perhaps rightly so. The film makers had less than

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“Rachel, Rachel” (1968) Dir. Paul Newman


"Rachel, Rachel" (1968) Dir. Paul Newman Writers: Margaret Laurence (novel), Stewart Stern (screenplay) Okay, so Joanne Woodward is blonde (and I've always imagined Rachel as being dark-haired). And the funeral home on Japonica Street is a white frame house (as so many lovely old American homes are, although they're more

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Margaret Laurence: Making of a Writer


Donez Xiques' Margaret Laurence: The Making of a Writer Dundurn Press, 2005 There are many biographical and critical works about Margaret Laurence. If you're interested in her writing, you might appreciate the pioneering works of Clara Thomas, her 1969 biography, named for her subject, or The Manawaka World of Margaret Laurence (1975).

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How I “met” Margaret Laurence


I was introduced to Margaret Laurence as a student, by way of The Stone Angel, in high school English class. I don’t remember much of the related schoolwork, but I do remember my teacher announcing her death (in January 1987). He seemed uncomfortable when he spoke about it.  I couldn’t tell

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