Adam Wilson’s Sensation Machines (2020)


Adam Wilson’s Sensation Machines (2020) is smart and disturbing, subversive and entertaining. It’s set in an eerily could-be-now New York City: “Headlines warned of rising sea levels and methane emissions. Chronicled the continuing barrage of Weinstein-esque behavior in politics and entertainment. Addressed the uptick in anti-immigration violence in the

Adam Wilson’s Sensation Machines (2020)2020-09-29T17:30:48-05:00

Arjun Basu’s Waiting for the Man (2014)


“We crave narrative,” Joe tells us. And the Reader who picks up Arjun Basu’s Waiting for the Man nods: a narrative craver. ECW Press, 2014 “We believe we are uninteresting without a compelling story.” But Joe himself no longer finds his story compelling. The Reader meets Joe when

Arjun Basu’s Waiting for the Man (2014)2014-07-11T16:34:12-05:00
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