Difficult Stories, Difficult Narrators: Five Novels


Conflicted: that describes my first impressions after meeting Pillow in Andrew Battershill's Giller-nominated novel of the same name,and it also describes his perspective on the world. It's hard to be Pillow, to see all the angles which converge and diverge simultaneously on any single thought he has. For instance: "Pillow

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Deni Ellis Béchard’s Into the Sun (2016)


Have you ever missed your stop on public transit because of a book? House of Anansi, 2016 Into the Sun is so gripping, from the start, that I travelled four stops past my own stop, before I even realized that I had missed it. (Then, I was so surprised,

Deni Ellis Béchard’s Into the Sun (2016)2020-01-07T11:17:37-05:00

Deryn Collier’s Mysteries: All-too-believable


Simon & Schuster, 2014 Just as one character follows another's gaze, readers of Deryn Collier's mysteries will find their perspective shifting. "The cafe was starting to fill with lunch customers. Duke Forsberg stayed in place, rolling his now-empty coffee cup between his meaty hands. He stared straight ahead

Deryn Collier’s Mysteries: All-too-believable2014-05-28T14:08:40-05:00
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