Here and Elsewhere: Marrakech


When I invited my desk calendar to influence my reading plans, I was hoping to explore a city like this. Previously I could not have named a single Moroccan author—now there are several on my TBR list—and from the moment my research began, my starting point was clear. Tahar

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Mavis Gallant’s “Going Ashore” (1954)


For the first time, twelve-year-old Emma Ellinger feels truly connected to her mother. They are finally “doing something together, alone, with no man, no Uncle Anyone, to interfere". Tangier, Moracco 1887 Click for source data It's true that the cruise hasn't gone entirely as planned; they have packed the

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María Dueñas’ The Time In Between (2011)


The Time In Between is essential reading for those who thought that reading about the Spanish Civil War meant Hemingway and Orwell. In her lush and sprawling novel, María Dueñas presents the era via the perspective of  "an independent woman in difficult times". There was no room for a seamstress like

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Secrets = Complications


I admit it: the first feeling that I had when I saw Laila Lalami's novel was relief, relief that it was obviously shorter than so many of the novels I wanted to read so quickly as part of the Orange Prize longlist reading I wanted to do. Not very propitious,

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