Don Gillmor’s Mount Pleasant (2013)


You can imagine Harry Salter, the main character in Don Gillmor's second novel, nodding along with Murray. Random House Canada, 2013 Murray is actually a character in an Alice Munro story, looking back at his much-changed life, but the story is familiar. "Does it deserve to be called

Don Gillmor’s Mount Pleasant (2013)2014-05-13T15:44:03-05:00

James Fitzgerald’s What Disturbs Our Blood (2010)


James Fitzgerald's What Disturbs Our Blood Random House, 2010 At first glance, James' Fitzgerald's might seem like a charmed life. But What Disturbs Our Blood would not have come into being if that had been true. It takes some digging (in the archives) and some prying (from the mouths of

James Fitzgerald’s What Disturbs Our Blood (2010)2014-07-11T16:31:54-05:00
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