Greg Kearney’s The Desperates (2013)


In the beginning, Joel gets a new job. It's a moment that might be filled with potential, promise. He could be the figure on the cover of the novel, leaping into the air. Alternatively, Joel could be that figure on the cover and be plummeting to the earth, about to

Greg Kearney’s The Desperates (2013)2020-10-22T12:22:44-05:00

Mary E. Lyons’ The Poison Place (1997)


Mary E. Lyons’ The Poison Place (1997) Aladdin, 1999 I've now read more than half of the book recommended in Shireen Dodson's Books for Girls to Grow On and have good reason to read on (as useful as I find the list itself, it's her discussions that have influenced my choices). Nonetheless, this

Mary E. Lyons’ The Poison Place (1997)2014-03-09T19:33:59-05:00
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