Mavis Gallant’s “The Four Seasons” (1975)


Today marks the launch of another Mavis Gallant short story collection): From the Fifteenth District. (Apologies for the double-post, but both Mavis Gallant and Margaret Atwood were scheduled to appear today: what a power-house duo!) The first story in this collection is billed as a novella, which is curious

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On Power: Between and The Massey Murder


Angie Adbou handles multiple narrative voices very well. Readers familiar with her earlier novels, The Bone Cage (2008) and The Canterbury Trail (2011) will know this, having inhabited narratives from varying perspectives. They will also know (as will readers of her 2006 collection of short stories, Anything Boys Can Do) that

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Recommended: Between Sisters


This one was recommended by the Children’s Books Panel on CBC’s “The Next Chapter” December 20/2010, which consisted of Michele Landsberg and Ken Setterington chatting with Shelagh Rogers about some of their favourites. I think I could read for a solid year fuelled only by TNC recommendations! Adwoa Badoe’s Between

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Lorrie Moore’s A Gate at the Stairs (2009)


A Gate at the Stairs Lorrie Moore Bond Street Books, 2009 Earlier this year I picked through Self-Help, Moore's first collection of short stories, largely drawn from her Master's thesis, because somewhere I came across a reference to her story "How to Become a Writer", which made me think that

Lorrie Moore’s A Gate at the Stairs (2009)2014-03-09T11:27:02-05:00
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