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How much of your reading is non-fiction? Does it fluctuate, or are you committed to reading (or not reading) it? When others were participating in non-fiction November last year, and actually reading a lot of the books that I'd been kinda-half-sorta thinking about reading, I realised that tending towards fiction

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Theresa Kishkan’s Mnemonic: A Book of Trees (2011)


Like Sharon Butala in Perfection of the Morning (1994) and Candace Savage in The Geography of Blood (2012), Theresa Kishkan explores the relationship between landscape and memory. Goose Lane Editions, 2011 The essays in Mnemonic are titled in two ways, first with the Latin name for a tree

Theresa Kishkan’s Mnemonic: A Book of Trees (2011)2020-10-20T09:32:24-05:00
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