Countdown: Magie Dominic and Ann-Marie MacDonald


With chapters named for the days of the week in Street Angel and with specific dates in a given week in Adult Onset, these two novels seem to make ideal reading companions. Ultimately, much of literary fiction is preoccupied with time. Whether it is Molly Bloom's day in James Joyce's

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Shifting Powers: Three Novels


Gordon Henderson’s Man in the Shadows (2014) HarperCollins, 2014 “As he helped her into the carriage, Agnes Macdonald whispered demurely, “I can lean on no other arm like yours.” Macdonald sat back contentedly and called out to the driver, “Buckley, take us to the office.” It would have

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Nadia Bozak’s Borders


Excerpt from reading journal: Nadia Bozak is the reason that I have copies of the three books in Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy on my shelves. Books that I never planned to read, but I came across the idea that the works were somehow connected with her novels Orphan Love and

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Joshua Ferris’ To Rise Again at a Decent Hour (2014)


Inherently uncomfortable. Essentially intimate. The relationship between dentist and patient is complex, contradictory. Little Brown & Company, 2014 Most of us view that relationship from the perspective of patient, so Paul O'Rourke's voice has the potential to be illuminating, unique, fresh. In earlier works, Joshua Ferris has vividly inhabited

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Page-turners: sometimes mysterious


Nothing like a good mystery. Some serial fun, with Giles Blunt, Ian Hamilton, Louise Penny, or my most recent discovery, the Nina Borg series by Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis. But one can find a good page-turner in the standalone novels on the fiction shelves too. Take Claire Cameron's freshly published The Bear, longlisted

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