August 2016, In My Bookbag


In which I discuss some of the skinny volumes, which have nestled into my bookbag. (Meanwhile longer works, like Kathleen Winsor's Forever Amber and Greg Iles’ The Bone Tree, were left at home.) Patricia and Fredrick McKissack's Best Shot in the West tells the story of Nat Love, who was born into

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Ian Colford’s Perfect World (2016)


Ian Colford's work has been shortlisted for the Journey Prize, and his first published work was a collection of stories. It's no surprise that he can write succinctly and put a short form to work. Freehand Books, 2016 In 2012, he published his first novel, The Crimes of Hector

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December 2015, In My Bookbag


What I was not carrying in my bookbag this month: David Mitchell's Ghostwritten, Shauna Singh Baldwin's The Tiger Claw and the third volume in G.R.R. Martin's Ice and Fire series. These hefty volumes stayied at home, but these slimmer books were travelling this month. And there was more to-ing and fro-ing this month

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The intersection between pictures and stories


From my discovery of Neil Bantock's Griffin and Sabine books, I have sought out books that play with form. (Even earlier, I fell hard for Anastasia Krupnik's To-Do lists which appeared as handwritten notes on lined paper in Lois Lowry's books.) Recently, Kim Belair's and Ariadne MacGillivray's Pure Steele (2013) struck

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Mary Norton’s Poor Stainless (1966)


Mary Norton's Poor Stainless (1966) Also included in the Odyssey Classic edition of The Borrowers Aloft (originally published in 1961 and republished in 1998) is the short tale, Poor Stainless. This was originally published as a separate volume in 1966, presented as a tale that Homily tells Arrietty,  something that happened

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