Quarterly Stories: Winter 2017


Anosh Irani's "Circus Wedding" appears in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Eighteen Bridges, a fabulous magazine. His novel, The Parcel, also considers voices which are often pushed to the margins. Here, too, Raju inhabits a precarious existence. Here too, Anosh Irani takes a small character and reveals their big dreams.

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Maybe and What’s Always Been Done: On Andrea MacPherson’s What We Once Believed (2017)


I’ve loved the idea of a character named Maybe since I read Katheen Martin’s novel, Penny Maybe, about a sixteen-year-old girl working out all the possibilities ahead of her. Isn’t it just perfect for a coming-of-age story? And, indeed, in Andrea MacPherson’s novel, Maybe Collins is eleven years old

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Gail Anderson-Dargatz’s The Spawning Grounds (2016)


The Boston Globe called her fiction "Pacific Northwest Gothic" and her latest novel, The Spawning Grounds, fits that description well. She made a splash on Canadian readers' stacks since The Cure for Death by Lightning was shortlisted for the Giller Prize (A Recipe for Bees was also nominated for the Giller,

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“Wasn’t my life supposed to be rock and roll?”


Rockstar or not, Nicola Harwood's Flight Instructions for the Commitment Impaired is a bold and absorbing memoir. At times her style is plain and functional, at other times it is poetic and intricate - even captivating, her voice consistently displayed centre-stage. Caitlin Press, 2016 "No such thing as one true love,

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“Fiction” Alice Munro


Is it something like a triangle? With happiness, unhappiness and love arranged with an equal distance between each point? Perhaps. Certainly there are triangles in "Fiction", shifting alliances and fractures. Love triangles. Happiness triangles. Just enough. Too much. The kind of happiness discussed in "Fiction" is different from that which

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