Emerging and Established: The Journey Prize Stories 26 and Margaret Atwood


Just as the jury enjoyed reading the stories submitted for tthe 2014 Journey Prize, other readers can also value the "exposure to a new generation of writers who are extending the tradition of Canadian short fiction well into the twenty-first century". McClelland & Stewart, 2014. Edited by Steven

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Theresa Kishkan’s Mnemonic: A Book of Trees (2011)


Like Sharon Butala in Perfection of the Morning (1994) and Candace Savage in The Geography of Blood (2012), Theresa Kishkan explores the relationship between landscape and memory. Goose Lane Editions, 2011 The essays in Mnemonic are titled in two ways, first with the Latin name for a tree

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Quarterly Stories: Autumn 2014


“Bad coffee can only keep you company for so long at four a.m. in a bus depot.” Caitlin Press, 2014 All of the characters in Janine Alyson Young’s debut collection seem as though they would immediately recognize the truth of that. They all seem to have a spot

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Quarterly Stories: Summer 2014


Coming Home: Stories from the Northwest Territories (Enfield & Wizenty, 2012) In the foreword, Richard Van Camp writes that this collection is a "testament to the beauty of the land, the communities and the people who choose to live here" and he welcomes readers to the works. The same words might

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“Powers” Alice Munro


Runaway readers cannot run away from the book after turning the final page. Instead, they have to burrow in. Much like "Vandals" in 1994's Open Secrets and the title story in 2012's Dear Life, "Powers" is one of those closing stories that sends readers rushing back to the beginning.

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