Charlotte Rogan’s Now and Again (2016)


In an interview about her bestselling debut, The Lifeboat, Charlotte Rogan states: "The best writing opens a person’s mind rather than closing it." Little, Brown and Co, 2016 Readers of Now and Again should pay attention, because her second novel is over 400 pages long and it is

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John Bart’s Middenrammers (2016)


Although Middenrammers is set in 1970s England, it is not the England of English literature which Helene Hanff discovered in 84 Charing Cross Road. Freehand Books, 2016 Nonetheless, the hospital which lies at the heart of the story does have a familiar air to it, for narrator and reader

John Bart’s Middenrammers (2016)2016-06-04T15:04:07-05:00
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