Beth Powning’s A Measure of Light (2015)


If you recognize Mary Dyer as being one of the Boston Martyrs, you will expect Beth Powning's tale to be a harrowing one. To some extent, this is the case. Knopf - Penguin Random House, 2015 But even if the historical record considers the most remarkable aspect of Mary

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Molly Peacock’s Alphabetique (2014)


Molly Peacock's Paradise, Piece by Piece (1998) reconstructs the poet's life using fragments of memory and experience, in orderly lines of text. The Paper Garden: Mrs. Delany Begins Her Life's Work at 72 (2010) is a biography, sumptuously illustrated. Both books consider women's work and creativity (among other things). McClelland

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Countdown: Magie Dominic and Ann-Marie MacDonald


With chapters named for the days of the week in Street Angel and with specific dates in a given week in Adult Onset, these two novels seem to make ideal reading companions. Ultimately, much of literary fiction is preoccupied with time. Whether it is Molly Bloom's day in James Joyce's

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In the Balance: Will Starling and Punishment


Crimes of the past lurk beneath the stories in Ian Weir's Will Starling and Linden MacIntyre's Punishment and the main characters lurch towards and stumble into confrontations and altercations with life-long repercussions. Goose Lane Editions, 2014 These are both dark tales, but Ian Weir's novel is literally and figuratively so: "And

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Kim Thúy’s Mãn (2013)


In discussing the different kinds of love which the Vietnamese language distinguishes between, Kim Thúy's Ru lists thích, which means "to love by taste". Random House Canada, 2014 (One may also love without being in love (thuong), love passionately (yêu), love ecstatically (mê), love blindly (mù quáng), or love gratefully (tình nghīa)

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