“Open Secrets” Alice Munro


The last story discussed here, "The Albanian Virgin", leaves the reader with a single, haunting question: which version of the events is the reader intended to believe? 1994; Penguin, 2007 Readers are left with uncertainty. Even the narrator does not weigh heavily on either side, indeed, it is

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“The Albanian Virgin” Alice Munro


"I heard this story in the old St. Joseph’s Hospital in Victoria from Charlotte, who was the sort of friend I had in my early days there." 1994; Penguin, 2007 Claire tells the story, in turn, to readers. "In the mountains, in Maltsia e madhe, she must have tried

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“A Real Life” Alice Munro


Last week, I said that "Carried Away" feels like a quintessential Munro story to me. 1994; Penguin, 2007 Its southwestern Ontario setting. The matters of class. An up-close examination of a blatant tragedy. Some far-away ruminating on trauma of a quieter sort. A woman looking back on a

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“Carried Away” Alice Munro


Could be that "Carried Away" is my favourite Alice Munro story. 1994; Penguin, 1999 Not only because Louisa is a librarian. (But that certainly helps.) "The Librarian’s desk was in the archway between the front and back rooms. The books were on shelves set in rows in the

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