Re-reading Oryx and Crake, Notes on a Saturday


What a delicious juxtaposition: the lushness of the farmers' market this morning - and all the bounty and treat-ness that entails - with a re-read of Oryx and Crake planned for the remainder of the day. Like many other readers, I've been tremendously excited by the prospect of the trilogy's

Re-reading Oryx and Crake, Notes on a Saturday2019-08-28T12:54:26-05:00

Canada Reads: Carol Shields


It was a bitterly cold, blustery day in January 2003. I started reading the book at my desk, which was under the eaves next to a small window. There was a small space heater humming near my feet because the walls up there were cold to the touch, and the

Canada Reads: Carol Shields2020-08-26T12:45:13-05:00
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