Still Thinking about The Handmaid’s Tale #MARM


We’re more than halfway through the month of #MARM and today is Margaret Atwood’s 80th birthday. Naomi and I are supposed to be deep into discussions about The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments (her spoiler-free launch of The Ts discussion is here). But I’ve still got my head in

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“Powers” Alice Munro


Runaway readers cannot run away from the book after turning the final page. Instead, they have to burrow in. Much like "Vandals" in 1994's Open Secrets and the title story in 2012's Dear Life, "Powers" is one of those closing stories that sends readers rushing back to the beginning.

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“Tricks” Alice Munro


McClelland & Stewart, 2004 This story has long been my favourite in this collection, although I could not recall which of them it was, when I first approached my reread of Runaway. When Stratford appeared in the first story, I thought maybe my favourite was coming. But, no,

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“Trespasses” Alice Munro


McClelland & Stewart, 2004 ‘Trespass’ is a word that I associate with childhood more than most. It slipped off my tongue every morning in school, after we sang “O Canada”, in a dutiful recitation of “The Lord’s Prayer”. And there was always a sign warning against it when

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