Louise Erdrich’s The Last Report on the Miracles of Little No Horse (2001)


It was displayed on the wooden bookcase in the entrance way of the city library which was reserved for new books. The display was unmarked, near where the building’s security guard sat next to the front doors, no label and no sign, but the only thing to look at

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Karen Molson’s The Company of Crows (2016)


It might seem to be, at first glance, a quintessential CanLit passage, a poetic description of the natural world. Linda Leith Publishing, 2016 But the opening passage of The Company of Crows reveals more about Karen Molson's debut novel, than one might think. "Thin grey lines fan out across the

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Joni Murphy’s Double Teenage (2016)


Celine and Julie are negotating the borders of girlhood, wandering back and forth across dotted lines and territories both more and less available to them as the years pass. They trade L.M. Montgomery's girlhood classics for "Law and Order" and Our Bodies, Ourselves, while readers follow in their footsteps in narratives which alternately

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Nadia Bozak’s Thirteen Shells (2016)


It's with a subtle touch, but Nadia Bozak solidly roots the reader in time and place. House of Anansi, 2016 This is not an easy task, because Shell only grows to the age of seventeen in Thirteen Shells -- across thirteen stories, and childhood is inherently rootless. So the details

Nadia Bozak’s Thirteen Shells (2016)2017-07-20T17:43:52-05:00

Kyo Maclear’s The Good Little Book (2015)


I returned to picture books when a face-to-face bookclub read Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Books without pictures still outnumber the illustrated volumes in my stacks, but I am working to adjust the balance. The Good Little Book, written by Kyo Maclear and illustrated by Marion Arbona, will suit booklovers

Kyo Maclear’s The Good Little Book (2015)2017-07-20T17:41:09-05:00
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