Planning: 2020’s Reading


My planning for a year’s reading always involves looking back at the previous reading year. In 2019, I’d planned to focus on series reading. In the previous year, 25% of my reading had revolved around various series, moving ahead or finishing. In 2019, only 18 of the books I

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Thoughts on 2018’s Reading


Last year was a terrific reading year. The variety, the intensity, the pacing: all so satisfying. My read-o-lutions for 2018 are much as they were for last year: keep on reading on. Perhaps a little more emphasis on illustrations and translations would be good.

Thoughts on 2018’s Reading2018-01-17T12:42:57-05:00

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: 2013 and 2014


My Out of the Burrow: Meeting 2013 post summarized my intentions for the past reading year and, really, they remain the same for this coming year. In every case, I improved, but when it comes to reading about wellness and creativity, I'd like to do more. And I truly planned to

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: 2013 and 20142014-05-13T16:08:04-05:00

The View from the Doorway: Mid-Year Update


I'm out of the burrow. Monitoring the conditions. Checking to see if I'm following my read-o-lutions and resolutions. August already? That's crazy-talk. First, Persist. In bookishness, I have been doing alright with this. One long work by each of Wilkie Collins, G.R.R. Martin, and Margaret Atwood offer themselves as proof.

The View from the Doorway: Mid-Year Update2014-03-20T21:06:57-05:00

Events and plans 2013: Read-o-lutions


So, first, there is the matter of 2012. That which came before. My spreadsheet lists 240 books, my GoodReads shelf 247 (it's an imperfect, yet perfectly bookish world) and I've updated the pages of Books Discussed and added a list of favourite titles. My reading year ended in a burst

Events and plans 2013: Read-o-lutions2014-03-20T16:06:24-05:00
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