Mireille Silcoff’s Chez L’Arabe (2014)


Weeks after reading these stories, a glance at the table of contents brings back their characters and arcs in a moment. (With "Flower Watching" and "Eskimos" I also required the aid of the characters' names I'd noted.) These stories stood out, not only as independent narratives but, simultaneously, for the

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I Spy: Walt and Mr. Jones


As much as these stories focus on solitary characters who observe, from the margins, they long for something else; Walt and Mr. Jones are ultimately preoccupied with relationships. Goose Lane Editions, 2014 Margaret Sweatman's Mr. Jones openly confronts duplicity. "His life had been contrary, a series of duplications: two homes; a father who’d

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Sara Levine’s Treasure Island!!! (2012)


A novel about a woman who becomes obsessed with a novel? Europa Editions, 2011 Just the sort of story which is guaranteed to appeal to a voracious (even, at times, overly excitable) reader. Even if the novel with which the main character is obsessed is Robert Louis Stevenson's

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“Oranges and Apples” Alice Munro


At one time, Zeigler's Department Store had a grocery department and a hardware department, but no longer. 1990; Penguin, 1991 The store assortment has changed. The role of the department store has changed. Downtown Walley has changed. And, perhaps most significantly, Murray has changed. When the story opens, Murray's

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