Ted Naifeh’s Courtney Crumrin series


It begins with Butterworm "the neighborhood's oldest resident", the tale slipping between his bared teeth:  Courtney Crumrin: The Night Things, written and illustrated by Ted Naifeh (Oni Press 2012). He introduces readers to Courtney Crumrin, who is new in town. Her parents have run out of credit and have begged rooms with

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R.I.P. Reading, Update


Every other year, I've missed updating my R.I.P. reading, because often the full posts aren't written until after the end of October (when the challenge officially ends). So this year, even though there will be longer discussions of some of these works in the weeks to come, I'm making some

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Joining in the R.I.P. VIII Fun


It's time for R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril VIII, Carl's annual event, the goals succinct and satisfying: Mr BIP modified my tombstone: whadya think? 1. Have fun reading (and watching). 2. Share that fun with others. Mystery.Suspense.Thriller.Dark Fantasy.Gothic.Horror.Supernatural. Some stories that I've already read, that I wish I could still read

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Giles Blunt’s Crime Machine (2010)


Giles Blunt's Crime Machine Random House, 2010 John Cardinal and Lise Delorme #5 One bookish project I've been working on since early this summer is a list of series that I'm reading. Series that I'm in the midst of the reading and series that I've been planning to read for

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Spooky Stuff: RIP V Challenge Summary


Click image for the Challenge Site Thanks again to Carl for hosting this creepy challenge. My plans weren't that far off; I didn't read the annotated version of Dracula (the smaller pocket-friendly version was more comfortable) and I only read two Daphne duMaurier books, but the only one I missed was

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