Mavis Gallant’s “Bernadette”


Alice Munro's hired girls like to read too.In "Sunday Afternoon", Alva asks Mr. Gannett if she could borrow "King Lear" and, also, Stendhal's The Red and the Black. Mr. Gannett agrees to share his books with Alva, just as Mr. Montjoy gifts the young Alice with his copy of Seven Gothic Tales at the end of

Mavis Gallant’s “Bernadette”2017-07-14T15:29:31-05:00

Janet Ellis’ The Butcher’s Hook (2016)


It's clear from the beginning: one might long for escape from this narrative, might opt for a bloody end rather than endure more misery. House of Anansi, 2016 "No one but a fool could look so happy in a miserable house, could they? The mice here probably throw

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Lissa M. Cowan’s Milk Fever (2013)


You might not guess from the cover of this debut novel that the epigraph would be drawn from Olympe de Gouges' "Declaration of the Rights of Women". Demeter Press, 2013 But one can be dressed in satin and lace and be a revolutionary, of course. As was Olympe

Lissa M. Cowan’s Milk Fever (2013)2014-06-24T10:55:28-05:00
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