Mavis Gallant’s “The Moslem Wife”


So many of Mavis Gallant’s characters inhabit between spaces. Netta, too. Which is strange, because so many of Mavis Gallant’s other itinerant women are staying in hotels, but Netta is running one. And she is just as between as the rest of them. Once she said yes and, then,

Mavis Gallant’s “The Moslem Wife”2018-11-07T19:11:06-05:00

Nonfiction November Week Two: Pairing


This week, we are invited to pair up a nonfiction book with a fiction title. "It can be a 'If you loved this book, read this!' or just two titles that you think would go well together. Maybe it’s a historical novel and you’d like to get the real

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Carrie Snyder’s Girl Runner (2014)


As a fan of Carrie Snyder's The Juliet Stories, I was wriggling in my seat over the mere idea of Girl Runner. But then the anxiety crept in: there would be no Juliet, and perhaps much of the magic was hers. Just as the same river can't be stepped in twice, an

Carrie Snyder’s Girl Runner (2014)2017-07-24T15:03:20-05:00

January 2015, In My Bookbag


Isn't there something satisfying about beginning to read someone's published diaries in a January, when those diaries begin in some other long-ago January? Dawn Powell's diaries have been on my shelves for more than a decade but suddenly, in this January, I felt compelled to begin reading them. It sat beside other

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Mark Lavorato’s Serafim and Claire (2014)      


Mark Lavorato’s debut novel is aptly titled as the novel is equally divided between these two characters, a young woman who dances on stage and a young man who takes photographs on the streets. Through them, readers experience Montreal of the 1920s, from vaudeville to fascism, and women’s rights to

Mark Lavorato’s Serafim and Claire (2014)      2014-12-08T08:25:58-05:00
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