Mazo de la Roche’s Morning at Jalna (1960)


Although the last of the Jalna books written, Morning at Jalna is only the second in the sequence. It is set while the civil war is raging in the southern United States, and readers are immediately informed that the Whiteoaks are sympathetic to the southerners. In school, during the 1970s

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Louis Riel: On the Page, On the Stage


The Canadian Opera Company is now presenting a new 50th-anniversary production of "Louis Riel", originally written for the celebration of the Canadian centenary in 1967, with an attempt to shift that oh-so-colonial gaze, now including indigenous artists and languages with more nuanced representations of the historical figures. These are powerfully important

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Ami McKay: The Moth Stories


It's the book which Moth discovers in Mr. Wentworth's study in Ami McKay's second novel, The Virgin Cure (2011): "The Witches of New York was the book I’ found most intriguing." "Listing addresses from Broome to Nineteenth Street, it claimed to be a reliable guide to the soothsayers of the

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Still the same old story? (On Trials of the Earth)


Mary Mann Hamilton's Trials of the Earth: The True Story of a Pioneer Woman was originally writen in the 1930s, recounting her experiences pioneering. The chronicle begins in the 1880s in Missouri, moving into Arkansas, with her being crowded into a marriage, as a wife but not an equal. Little Brown

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‘Tis the Season…for Mosquitoes


So, it's past the middle of November, so I'm surprised to find myself surrounded by so many mosquitoes. First in the fifth volume of Laura Ingalls Wilder's series, On the Shores of Silver Lake. Living so close to the land, the other residents are regularly brushing elbows (and paws and wings

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