Reading Margaret Millar: Superior Bamboozler


Agatha Christie said her work was "very original". Julian Symons declared that she "has few peers, and no superior in the art of bamboozlement". Soho Press Compilation, 2016 And Anthony Boucher said that Beast in View was "written with such complete realization of every character that the most

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Margaret Millar’s How Like an Angel (1962)


Exploring in the back country of Santa Barbara County California, Margaret Millar discovered a group of abandoned buildings on top of a ridge of the Santa Ynez mountains. The view was incredible: the Pacific Ocean, the Santa Ynez valley, Lake Cachuma, and the San Rafael mountains, along with a main

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Margaret Millar’s A Stranger in My Grave (1960)


Here, the figurative language of Millar's 1950s novels (like Vanish in an Instant and  Wives and Lovers) is replaced by a cleaner style which often focuses on extremes. "But Fielding’s pity, like his love and even his hate, was a variable thing, subject to changes in the weather, melting in

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Margaret Millar’s The Listening Walls (1959; 2016)


Although some of the characters in the Margaret Millar mysteries I have read answer their own phones, many answer other people's phones instead: the telephones of older or more privileged relatives or those of their bosses. There's even a switchboard operator in the mix, along with a woman better known

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Margaret Millar’s An Air that Kills (1957; 2016)


Because so many of Margaret Millar's novels consider married couples - often at the point in which the relationship is strained, if not fractured - one wonders about her relationship with Ken Millar (better known as Ross MacDonald, who also wrote mysteries). Did they squabble like Esther and Ron do

Margaret Millar’s An Air that Kills (1957; 2016)2017-02-24T17:02:31-05:00
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