Madeleine Thien’s Simple Recipes (2001)


I heard Madeleine Thien read from this collection in 2001 in a small library theatre in London, Ontario; I recall that she was very gracious and spoke of being honoured to appear with the other women who were reading that night. (I heard Joan Barfoot, Bonnie Burnard and Jane

Madeleine Thien’s Simple Recipes (2001)2018-09-19T16:22:11-05:00

Mavis Gallant’s “Malcolm and Bea” (1968)


They are no longer only thieves and rascals: “All men are filth.” Bea is perhaps no more unhappy than Marian Kimber, but she is more outwardly disgruntled. And even though she says this with a laugh, there’s an undeniable edge to it. “My mother was a saint and my

Mavis Gallant’s “Malcolm and Bea” (1968)2018-03-05T15:06:08-05:00
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