December 2014: In My Reading Log


Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods (2014) Comprised of five long and two short works, these tales are peopled with losses and lonelinesses. Hues of red, black and white dominate the volume, with other colours used sparingly for contrast. Panel use is unpredictable, with images sometimes boxed but often sprawling and

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Helen Oyeyemi’s Boy, Snow, Bird (2014)


Girl Cave Rose. Prince Dark Mirror. Crow Cellar Ring. One has the sense that Helen Oyeyemi thinks in threes. Also that she views the world through a slightly skewed lens. Hamish Hamilton - Penguin, 2014 But Boy, Snow, Bird is not simply a random collection of resonant images

Helen Oyeyemi’s Boy, Snow, Bird (2014)2020-05-20T13:54:35-05:00

“Royal Beatings” Alice Munro


Looking ahead to the linked stories in Who Do You Think You Are? readers might recall her earlier collection Lives of Girls and Women. Alice Munro has consistently said that it wasn't in her to write a novel, but these collections of linked stories could work as introductions

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