Graeme Gibson’s Five Legs (1969)


Five Legs, perhaps surprisingly, is a novel of two -- not five -- parts. The first is in the voice of Professor Lucan Crackell. Take "stymied creativity" and a "failed imagination": an "amiable hypocrite who consoles himself with power in the institution, getting drunk with his students, and

Graeme Gibson’s Five Legs (1969)2014-03-20T15:35:24-05:00

Timothy Findley’s Spadework (2001)


Timothy Findley's Spadework (2001) This is an author who has been particularly important to me. In that peculiar way in which someone with whom you have had virtually no contact can affect you more than people with whom you have spent years of your life. So I delayed reading his

Timothy Findley’s Spadework (2001)2014-03-13T20:58:26-05:00
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