May 2014, In My Stacks


With the publication of Crimes Against My Brother this month, I’m reminded of how little I have read of David Adams Richards’ work, only Nights Below Station Street (and the opening pages of about six other novels). Every time I pick up one of his books, I tell myself that

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The Goo-filled Days of Summer


Who does paper mâché anymore? That's what a neighbour asked in response to our description of the Black Swan Project, which has completely and entirely devoured our main room and a good chunk of my reading time this month. A lot of my hobbies directly conflict with reading time. Even though

The Goo-filled Days of Summer2010-08-05T10:24:53-05:00

Summer Reading Plans Anyone?


I took an English course during the summer that preceded my last year of high school, to lighten my course load for the following year. Previously my summer reading had been comprised of unwieldly stacks of library books: lots of re-reads because the time for reading seemed endless, inviting both

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Another Shelf Discovery Saturday


Sandra Scoppettone's Happy Endings Are All Alike (1978) Deborah Hautzig's Hey Dollface (1978) Madeleine L'Engle's Meet the Austins (1960) Sara Ryan's Empress of the World (2001) Just as I found that many of my favourite early reads about family and relationships featured bookish heroines, so did the next phase of

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