The Next Chapter makes introductions


One of my great pleasures is listening to Shelagh Rogers' "The Next Chapter", via podcast on the CBC. I particularly enjoy the interviews and discussions when I have already read the book being discussed (or I have read an earlier book by the author, but I have not yet read

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This Week’s Stories


Novels: The piles are a-bloom, ever expanding. Each book has its own bookmark, each some degree of commitment attached, some commanding that kind of nervous energy that erupts when you begin a book and think that it might just be a perfect book written just for you. Like  a debut novel

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An Assortment of Kidlit: Four Books


A giraffe and a cat. Origami gone wild. A fantastic book of transformative tales. A word-lovin' ol' woman, and a sword-wielding girl. The first of these two came to me via Shelagh Rogers' The Next Chapter on CBC. (It's worth repeating; her enthusiasm about all kinds of storytelling is wholly contagious.)

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A New Heroine


Doris McCarthy’s Ninety Years Wise Second Story Press, 2004 This is another book that I discovered thanks to Shelagh Rogers’ The Next Chapter. You know how sometimes you hear a name so many times and you keep meaning to investigate and then, suddenly, something happens and it shifts from a

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Recommended: Between Sisters


This one was recommended by the Children’s Books Panel on CBC’s “The Next Chapter” December 20/2010, which consisted of Michele Landsberg and Ken Setterington chatting with Shelagh Rogers about some of their favourites. I think I could read for a solid year fuelled only by TNC recommendations! Adwoa Badoe’s Between

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