Margaret Atwood’s Hag-Seed (2016)


If you're a fan of Margaret Atwood's retelling,of The Odyssey, The Penelopiad, you've probably already got a copy of Hag-Seed on your stack. Knopf - PRH, 2016 Ditto if you're following the Hogarth Shakespeare retellings. Already published this year are Jeanette Winterson's The Gap of Time (The Winter's Tale), Howard

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In My Reading Log


The majority of my reading time this year has been devoted to the books which have been living for years, though neglected, on my own bookshelves. In May and June, I had a planned rebellion, and I enjoyed a great number of new books. But now I have returned to

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Marina Endicott’s Close to Hugh (2015)


Like Anne Tyler, the only plot that Marina Endicott has is the passage of time. The events in her novels are ordinary happenings, but there is a delicious sense of unspooling when one falls into one of her narratives. Doubleday Canada, 2015 Close to Hugh is structured over a week's time and

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A Complicated Marriage (2013) Pssst: also, a giveaway


** Below, there's an opportunity to win your own copy of A Complicated Marriage ** [Edit: Now complete.] The sound of high heels clicking. The spill of Miles Davis and Charlie Parker's music. A paisley-draped foam couch. Smoking a Pall Mall. Drinking a gin and tonic. A handkerchief kitchen.

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“Simon’s Luck” Alice Munro


It's no coincidence that a story titled for 'luck' follows one titled for 'providence' in this collection of stories by Alice Munro. Indeed, folks in Hanratty could well have a saying, that one man's luck is another man's providence. Or vice versa. And Rose is never far from Hanratty, from

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