The Ransom Riggs’ Trilogy


With a lengthy TBR, it's sometimes difficult to finish reading a series: this year, with trilogies, I am exercising my completion muscles. Earlier this year, I went back and reread the initial volume of Margaret Drabble's Thatcher trilogy and Judith Kerr's Out of the Hitler Time trilogy, and then finished the other

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Jay Hosking’s Three Years with the Rat (2016)


If a story's beginning looks at its reflection in a room made of mirrors, does it see its own beginning-self reflected back? Or is the reflection actually the story's ending? Hamish Hamilton, 2016 This is the kind of question that I can imagine keeps Jay Hosking up late

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Emerging and Established: The Journey Prize Stories 26 and Margaret Atwood


Just as the jury enjoyed reading the stories submitted for tthe 2014 Journey Prize, other readers can also value the "exposure to a new generation of writers who are extending the tradition of Canadian short fiction well into the twenty-first century". McClelland & Stewart, 2014. Edited by Steven

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Two Girls Reading Girl Reading


In my early twenties, I bought Cosmopolitan religiously. But I'm not sure that I've ever read a book that was blurbed by Cosmo.  Or, if I have, it wasn't also blurbed by Hilary Mantel. But that's the case with Katie Ward's Girl Reading. (Cosmopolitan + Hilary Mantel =

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BHM: Octavia E. Butler


Dana is bookish; when we meet her in the opening pages of Kindred, she is unpacking books after a move. She is sorting the fiction into one of the bigger bookcases in the living room while Kevin finishes unpacking his office. But when she goes to the library

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