“The Landlord” Wells Tower


Wells Tower "The Landlord" The New Yorker Fiction: 20 Under 40 September 13, 2010 issue Like many of the stories in this series, "The Landlord" is not a comfortable read. Its characters are struggling. Even the characters who are lucky. It's easy to spot them, in the context of this

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Nell Freudenberger “An Arranged Marriage”


Nell Freudenberger's "An Arranged Marriage" The New Yorker Fiction: 20 Under 40 September 6, 2010 issue This is one of the stories that I was most anticipating, and perhaps that's contributed to my feeling a bit disappointed on having finished it. You know how sometimes, imperceptibly, you work up an

Nell Freudenberger “An Arranged Marriage”2014-03-09T19:31:16-05:00

“The Science of Flight” Yiyun Li


Yiyun Li's "The Science of Flight" The New Yorker Fiction: 20 Under 40 August 30, 2010 issue Yiyun Li's The Vagrants was one of my favourite novels of 2009. Simply tremendous. And I had to give myself a stern talking-to before embarking on "The Science of Flight" because I knew

“The Science of Flight” Yiyun Li2014-03-09T19:08:52-05:00

“Second Lives” Daniel Alarcón


Daniel Alarcón "Second Lives" The New Yorker Fiction: 20 Under 40 August 16/23, 2010 issue Daniel Alarcón's Q&A is one which I enjoyed particularly: for me, it has the perfect blend between playfulness and seriousness. For instance, he doesn't mind saying that the first pieces of fiction to have an

“Second Lives” Daniel Alarcón2014-03-09T19:07:21-05:00

“The Train of Their Departure” David Bezmozgis


David Bezmozgis "The Train of Their Departure" The New Yorker Fiction: 20 Under 40 August 9, 2010 issue It was the inclusion of names like David Bezmosgis' in The New Yorker's 20 Under 40 list that got me keen on reading the series as a whole. I absolutely loved his

“The Train of Their Departure” David Bezmozgis2014-03-09T19:00:35-05:00
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