Donna Tartt, interviewed by Jared Bland (November 2013)


The  evening in the Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library begins with a  sincere expression of enthusiasm on the part of the interviewer, introducing and welcoming the author. Not rote expression of interest or distant admiration, but a sense of true excitement as Jared Bland takes his seat, and

Donna Tartt, interviewed by Jared Bland (November 2013)2014-05-13T15:26:33-05:00

Dear Public Libary


Dear Public Library, When Roopa Farooki's first novel was listed for the Orange Prize for New Writers, I waited and waited for you to get a copy of her book. And then I gave up. I know, I know: you've got it now. And you're "onto her", at last; you

Dear Public Libary2014-03-09T15:15:35-05:00
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