Thomas King’s Coyote Stories


I was just mentioning Coyote stories a couple of months ago, in my Spring Quarterly round-up of short fiction. But these illustrated coyote stories are inviting for both younger and older readers. Two of the tales are illustrated by Johnny Wales, full-sized and full-colour (and mostly double-spread) illustrations,

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Quarterly Stories: Spring 2018


Endicott, Manto, King, Bruneau and Lispector Short Stories in January, February and March Whether in a dedicated collection or a magazine, these stories capture a variety of reading moods. This quarter, I returned to two favourite writers and also explored three new-to-me story writers.

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The Fold’s 2016 Reading List (Part Four)


The FOLD (The Festival of Literary Diversity) is an annual event, in Brampton (Ontario, Canada) dedicated to telling more stories, to having audiences connect with a wider variety of storytellers. You can check out their lineup of terrific writers and storytellers who were a part of the debut festival in May

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Tomson Highway’s Kiss of the Fur Queen (1998)


Tomson Highway's Kiss of the Fur Queen Doubleday 1998 It’s February and Abraham Okimasis is on a sled pulled by eight huskies, racing to the finish line in northern Manitoba. That’s the opening scene of Tomson Highway’s first novel, Kiss of the Fur Queen. The reader, however, receives mixed messages

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