Benjamin Constable’s Three Lives of Tomomi Ishikawa (2013)


Imagine the Griffin and Sabine stories. Gallery Books - Simon & Schuster, 2013 But take away the artwork. And substitute notebooks for postcards. Now, combine that with the bizarre otherworldliness of Banana Yoshimoto's novels. Take their spirited heroines, and the matter-of-fact acceptance of a thin veil between the worlds.

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Holly Black’s Tithe (2002)


Holly Black's Modern Faerie Tales series begins with Tithe. I bought a copy of it some years ago for my niece, thinking there was just enough swearing and sexual tension to incite an interest in reading. (That wasn't entirely successful, but I did quite enjoy reading it myself. Not that

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2012’s First Amazing Read: Edem Awumey’s Dirty Feet


House of Anansi, 2011 Edem Awumey’s Dirty Feet is a slim volume, but its contents are hefty indeed. Askia’s story reminds the reader that one is wise not to judge insides by outsides, that the dimensions of an individual’s inner life expand even beyond personal experiences, that one

2012’s First Amazing Read: Edem Awumey’s Dirty Feet2020-05-21T16:11:02-05:00

Fifth Window on Winter: Remembering


The final window opens with talk of ice wine, the paradox that "the hardest weather makes the nicest wine". And then I learn a botanical term, vernalization, which refers to "seeds that can only thrive in spring if they have been through the severity of winter". But how

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