To Tell the Truth: Crow Planet


The chapter titles of this work reveal that it's not some kind of textbook resource on crows: Getting Up, Preparing, Reading, Walking, Dwelling, Helping, Seeing, Coexisting, Dying and Flying. Then again, the subtitle should have been my first clue (Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness), that Crow Planet is as much

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An Act of Preservation: Telling Stories


The stories in Birds of a Lesser Paradise are so consistently good that I almost didn't want to read them. Beginning Megan Mayhew Bergman's collection, I had no expectations. She's been much-anthologized, and has a nice list of publishing credits, but that doesn't guarantee a good match between

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Rascal: A Raccoon with Style


Sterling North's Rascal (1963) Illus. John Schoenherr (1971) "It was in May, 1918, that a new friend and companion came into my life: a character, a personality, and a ring-tailed wonder." That's Rascal, when 11-year-old Sterling pulls him from his mother's nest one May. Sterling and his friend, Oscar, and his Saint

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Alissa York’s Fauna (2010)


Alissa York's Fauna Random House, 2010 What is so remarkable about Fauna is that it is all-of-a-piece. (It's exactly the kind of book that makes me proud to be a reader.) From its beautifully crafted outer covers: a soft, earthy brown -- imprinted with a turtle. Underneath its rich burgundy

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