“Wood” Alice Munro


Strangely enough, although I read this story twice earlier this year as well, when I scanned the table of contents I could not place it. Planning to reread for a third time this morning, I had no idea; it wasn't until the talk of the truck and Roy's need to gather the wood

“Wood” Alice Munro2017-07-25T11:20:34-05:00

“Fiction” Alice Munro


Is it something like a triangle? With happiness, unhappiness and love arranged with an equal distance between each point? Perhaps. Certainly there are triangles in "Fiction", shifting alliances and fractures. Love triangles. Happiness triangles. Just enough. Too much. The kind of happiness discussed in "Fiction" is different from that which

“Fiction” Alice Munro2017-07-25T11:22:47-05:00
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