Marina Endicott’s Close to Hugh (2015)


Like Anne Tyler, the only plot that Marina Endicott has is the passage of time. The events in her novels are ordinary happenings, but there is a delicious sense of unspooling when one falls into one of her narratives. Doubleday Canada, 2015 Close to Hugh is structured over a week's time and

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Kim Thúy’s Mãn (2013)


In discussing the different kinds of love which the Vietnamese language distinguishes between, Kim Thúy's Ru lists thích, which means "to love by taste". Random House Canada, 2014 (One may also love without being in love (thuong), love passionately (yêu), love ecstatically (mê), love blindly (mù quáng), or love gratefully (tình nghīa)

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Terry Griggs’s Cat’s Eye Corner Series


Terry Griggs’s The Silver Door Raincoast Books, 2004 Have you met Murray Sheaffer, fountain pen extraordinaire? He is a most “handsome, clever and rich (yes!)” fountain pen. Wondering how he could possibly fill the role of hero in Terry Griggs’s Cat’s Eye Trilogy? Then you must have met some other,

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Four-leggeds in bookish fiction


Dick King-Smith's The School Mouse Illus. Cynthia Fisher Hyperion, 1995 The School Mouse is one of the books chosen by Shireen Dodson in her book 100 Books for Girls to Grow On, a list that I've been pulling from since 2008. It seemed the perfect choice for September: Back-to-School. And that's just what

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Nicole Brossard’s Fences in Breathing (2007)


Nicole Brossard's Fences in Breathing, Translated from the French (2007), Susanne de Lotbiniere-Harwood Coach House Books, 2009 Today's bookish book was an easy choice because I had chosen Nicole Brossard as one of the writers whose feminist writing I wanted to explore for this year's Women Unbound Reading Challenge and

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