Dear Writers, Publishers, Publicists and Other Bookish Folks,

Thanks for all the hard work you do, whether you’re spinning stories or press releases, whether you are organizing launches or punctuation marks.

Thanks, also, for dropping by B.I.P.  and spending some time. If you’ve been hanging around here long enough to determine that there’s a match to be made between B.I.P. and a specific book, then you probably want a few more details.

Any work that I have ever agreed to accept has been covered on B.I.P. (and if there’s something you think I’ve missed, check here).

What this means is that I often say ‘no’ when I am invited to read a book. (Please note: I require printed copies, due to vision complications which limit my screen-time.)

If you are organizing a tour, I am more likely to say ‘yes’ if dates are organized more than 4 weeks in advance, participants are provided with a schedule and links to other sites in advance of the tour’s launch, and if the other participants are more interested in discussing books than in copying a GoodReads summary.

Every relationship thrives on respect and dedication; if you hope that I will spend eight or ten hours reading and reflecting on your book, I would hope that you, too, are prepared to invest in that kind of community-building. Building literary bridges-that takes time.

And sometimes I even say ‘no’ when you’ve gone to the trouble of checking the Books Discussed page to see if our reading tastes align, even if you’ve bothered to contribute to bookish discussions here or elsewhere online, even all the pillars of good-relationship building are in place…sometimes I am simply over-booked.

What happens if I agree to accept a work?

Feature reviews here average 800 words, rooted in the full experience of a work’s structure, language, style and themes. They include relevant (and spoiler-free) quotes from the narrative, so that the work has an opportunity to speak for itself as well. The books are discussed in a variety of places online and favourites are actively promoted in social media. Links to an author’s page/publisher’s page are often included (see below).

What does not happen?

Neither reviews nor commentary will be posted to Amazon or its affiliates. Nor will links to purchase from big-box retailers be shared. The review will not include much of a content summary; I am spoiler-phobic and readers can find summaries elsewhere online.

I am passionate about books and reading, and I am an opinionated reader; I also understand the writing process and am keen to understand a writer’s intent (as I experience it on the page).

Maybe you’re looking for this kind of reader, and maybe I’m looking for the book you have in hand.

If you believe there’s a match to be made, please share the details.

In bookishness,